“He truly is extraordinary…He’s something that only comes from a place beyond excuses. He’s not shuckin’and jiving, slippin’ and slidin’, or making excuses.”

— Carlos Santana –  Grammy Winning Recording Artist and Guitar Legend

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Dan’s inspirational story is one that everyone needs to hear. From a severe childhood burn injury that almost took his life to performing at the Hollywood Bowl with the legendary Carlos Santana, Dan has proven that anything is possible. Audiences around the world have heard Dan’s powerful message: No Excuses. Be grateful for the simple things and maintain a positive attitude no matter what life throws at you. Resiliency has been the key to prosperity for Dan and his life is a prime example of that.

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Gift of Fire, The copy small

Dan’s book,

The Gift of Fire: How I Made Adversity Work For Me

and his music CD,

“No-Hand” Dan Compilation Volume 1

are available in the Store page

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